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Welcome! Thank you for wanting to learn more about the nation's rarest and most wonderful breed!
*New for January, 2024- Members, please note: GLM Registry retired!  Thank you for your wonderfull service, George and Lynn.   Please visit Associated Registry and select a American Romeldale -CVM work order to get started on your sheep registration.    

Associated Registry

photo courtesy of Foggy Bottom Boys, Ferndale CA

What is a CVM? CVM stands for California Varigated Mutant, actually a color pattern of a Romeldale. This is the term used for a badger faced pattern. Glen Eidman, a partner of J.K. Sexton, in the 60's discovered in his purebred Romeldale flock a multi-colored, badger faced ewe. Two years later, a twin ram with the same badger face pattern was born. When bred with the original ewe, the resulting off-spring were of the same badger markings. Subsequent breedings and additional mutations from his Romeldale flock resulted in the California Variegated Mutant. Mr. Eidman spent the next 15 years developing these sheep. Not a single replacement ewe or ram was sold, so that only the highest quality of genetics were used to replace the nucleus. In 1982 the CVM flock, which numbered 75, was sold. They were dispersed among a dozen different buyers throughtout California. Since then, CVMs have been kept purebred in only a few flocks, while in others, they have been crossed with other breeds. Obviously, only purebred CVMs from this orignal stock can be registered. Please read further through our website, Romeldale/CVM sheep are perhaps the best choice for small farms because they have wonderful wool, produce a good carcass, and thrive in even the most extreme weather. This breed does not require a lot of heavy maintance, and they were bred to be resistant to many of the problems that plague other breeds. 


Photo courtesy of Foggy Bottom Boys, Ferndale CA
Romeldale/CVM Sheep are considered critically endangered by The American Livestock Conservancy (ALBC, North America).

ARCA, Inc. encourages all prime breeding stock to be registered to conserve this critically endangered breed.

Registry eligible sheep must trace direct lineage to the orginal Sexton flock lines.

Please send 2024 membership applications to:

ARCA, Inc.
c/o Leah Saltzman
10340 Tingley Ln
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

$20.00 Annual Association Adult/Farm Dues
$10.00 Junior/Farm Membership (to 17 yrs. old)
(above memberships must own purebred Romeldales)
$10.00  Associate Membership

Regular Registrations          $ 6.00
Lost Registrations                 12.00
Improved Registrations        12.00
Transfers                                 6.00
Rush Fee                               35.00
Double normal fees for Non-Member Registrations

For questions or to join or renew your membership please email americanromeldale@gmail.com or mail the application and dues to

 American Romeldale CVM Association, C/O Leah Saltzman, 10340 Tingley Ln, Klamath Falls, OR 97603

American Romeldale / CVM Association, Inc.